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Name:Mama is a 4th Grader aka Mama wa Shougaku 4 Nensei [SD] 1-5 of 51Date:2013-01-19, 03:37 UTC
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So, due to be idiocy/ignorance I messed up the first one by using some stupid JoyMax announce URL which was DHT or something like that. *time to do the studying*

I changed the URL to nyaa's (plus 4 other backups which I think are public) in hope that this will work properly. That way the servers can be up to track it and not rely on DHT.

Here's the Wikipedia article:

and the ANN:

This is a series from 1992.

There is a complete batch of the raws if a group is interested in subbing the rest of it:

Are you a bad enough group to sub the anime about the 9 year old who is raising her own biological child?

I initially got these files from (tracked on ScaryWater) but it dropped the first 2 files so now people basically can't start the series so I am hosting as a batch to make it accessible and generate interest in picking it up. There is ongoing discussion about it here:

NOTE: I am not a member of SD and did not actually sub these episodes. Their AS description is here: which lists their site as though it doesn't work for me right now. SD Project's IRC on rizon #sd seems to be populated though.

Since nobody seems to be picking this up, enjoy what's translated of the manga folks:

Maybe I should've included that in the batch, oh well.

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