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Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「ガンスリンガー ストラトス(Gunslinger Stratos)」EDテーマ「MIRAI」/GARNiDELiA (FLAC)DL150.3 MiB6041721
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [150505] TVアニメ「俺物語!!(Ore Monogatari!!)」OPテーマ「未来形Answer」/TRUSTRICK (FLAC)DL194 MiB8038391
Lossless Audio[diks] Cross Ange - Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo - Original Soundtrack 2 [FLAC]DL318.3 MiB6113269
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「冴えない彼女の育てかた(Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)」Blessing Software Special CD Vol.3 (320K)DL49.1 MiB8096261
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「冴えない彼女の育てかた(Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)」Blessing Software Special CD Vol.3 (FLAC)DL115.3 MiB6030361
Lossy AudioFairy Tail OST 5DL389 MiBStatus unknown10502
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「電波教師(Denpa Kyoushi)」OPテーマ「Youthful Dreamer」/TrySail [通常盤] (320K)DL38.3 MiB181146132
Lossy Audio[Shin-S] Fate stay night Unlimited Blade Works ED2 Single - ring your bell [Kalafina].zipDL82.2 MiB6150160
Lossless Audio[Shin-S] Fate stay night Unlimited Blade Works ED2 Single - ring your bell (FLAC) [Kalafina].zipDL274.2 MiB6030170
Lossy Audio[Shin-S] Hibike! Euphonium ED Single - Tutti! [Kitauji Quartet].zipDL59.9 MiB2028580
Lossless Audio[Shin-S] Hibike! Euphonium ED Single - Tutti! (FLAC) [Kitauji Quartet].zipDL213.2 MiB3017700
Lossy Audio[Shin-S] Nisekoi Best Songs [Various].zipDL118.1 MiB2018861
Lossless Audio[Shin-S] Nisekoi Best Songs (FLAC) [Various].zipDL367.6 MiB3013430
Lossless Audio(C73)[EAC][fripSide NAO Project] Rabbit Syndrome(tta+cue+jpg+rr3).rarDL420.8 MiB4010530
Lossy AudioAldnoah.Zero OST [MP3] (320k)DL524 MiB2215110
Lossy Audio[Mawaru] バハジェネ劇場 (神撃のバハムート GENESIS Vol.2 CD) (320K)DL26.6 MiB017930
Lossless Audio[Mawaru] バハジェネ劇場 (神撃のバハムート GENESIS Vol.2 CD) (FLAC)DL43.1 MiB016280
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「SHOW BY ROCK!!」EDテーマ「Have a nice MUSIC!!」/プラズマジカ (320K)DL38.8 MiB210160961
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「レーカン!(Re-Kan!)」OP&EDテーマ「カラフルストーリー/ケサランパサラン」/every♥ing! [every♥ing! 盤] (320K)DL59.4 MiB132163141
Lossy Audio[Mawaru] 神撃のバハムート GENESIS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK OUTTAKES (320K)DL55.3 MiB1011760
Lossless Audio[Mawaru] 神撃のバハムート GENESIS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK OUTTAKES (FLAC)DL114.5 MiB018250
Lossy AudioGARNiDELiA - MIRAI (Single)DL50.1 MiB0113470
Lossy Audio100 best anime OST according to AniDBDL595 MiB1032273
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] (M3-35) しちごさん。×ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY — Another Flower II (flac+scans)DL355.5 MiB1011410
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Unknown-Dimension — Agartha -The unexplored regions- [UDOR-009] (flac+scans)DL257.5 MiB228880
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] (M3-35) RTTF Records - Speed Star 2 [RTTF-0014] (flac)DL939 MiB139440
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Primary — Point. [PRMY-PP22] (flac+scans)DL332 MiB2010720
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Guava Co. — Moratorium Anthropology [GVCO-001] (flac+scans)DL294.5 MiB118380
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Garnet Cathedral — Light and Oracle (flac+scans)DL152.5 MiB218140
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] (M3-35) C.H.S — あーゆーゆーけー!?(RUUK!?) [CHS-0020] (flac)DL333.5 MiB509790
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] (M3-35) ARKHEMINA RECORDS — Sky’s The Limit [DSDA-00002] (flac+scans)DL96.9 MiB128610
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Annabel — 然う然う、の雨 [ANB-10] (flac+scans)DL82.5 MiB2012900
Lossless Audio[Audio-4U] (M3-35) AcuticNotes — NEGA FRAGMENTS [ACAL-0007] (flac)DL278.5 MiB117230
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150508] 這いよれ!ニャル子さん(Haiyore! Nyaruko-san) ベストセレクションミニアルバム「邪選曲たち」(320K)DL67.1 MiB170109772
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [150508] 這いよれ!ニャル子さん(Haiyore! Nyaruko-san) ベストセレクションミニアルバム「邪選曲たち」(ALAC+CUE)DL215 MiB5029250
Lossy AudioSUPER BEAVER - 愛する [2015]DL107.3 MiB0016710
Lossless Audio[ASL]_TRUE_-_Hibike_Euphonium_OP_-_DREAM_SOLISTER_[FLAC]_[w_Scans].rarDL165.3 MiB2023200
Lossy Audio[ASL]_Chihara_Minori_-_Gekijouban_Kyoukai_no_Kanata_I_LL_BE_HERE_Theme_Song_-_Aitakatta_Sora_[MP3]_[w_Scans].rarDL43.7 MiB2014770
Lossless Audio[ASL]_Chihara_Minori_-_Gekijouban_Kyoukai_no_Kanata_I_LL_BE_HERE_Theme_Song_-_Aitakatta_Sora_[FLAC]_[w_Scans].rarDL145.2 MiB2017580
Lossy Audio[ASL]_ClariS_-_ClariS_SINGLE_BEST_1st_[MP3].rarDL117.7 MiB5033180
Lossless Audio[ASL]_ClariS_-_ClariS_SINGLE_BEST_1st_[FLAC].rarDL487.9 MiB4024330
Lossy Audio[ASL]_TRUE_-_Hibike_Euphonium_OP_-_DREAM_SOLISTER_[MP3]_[w_Scans].rarDL46.4 MiB3025130
Lossy Audio[ASL]_Various_Artists_-_Angel_Beats_-1st_beat-_OP_Song_-_Heartily_Song_[MP3]_[w_Scans].rarDL60.2 MiB1016850
Lossless Audio[ASL]_Various_Artists_-_Angel_Beats_-1st_beat-_OP_Song_-_Heartily_Song_[FLAC]_[w_Scans].rarDL210.3 MiB4017360
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Gunslinger Stratos ED Single - MIRAI (GARNiDELiA) (320K)DL49.3 MiB2015870
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「ガンスリンガー ストラトス(Gunslinger Stratos)」EDテーマ「MIRAI」/GARNiDELiA (320K)DL49.9 MiB150171042
Lossless Audio[Lazy Lily] Rev.from DVL - Ai Girl (Type-B Aikatsu! Collaboration Version) [FLAC].rarDL230.6 MiB009870
Lossless AudioKey 15th Fes. Pamphlet CD - Keep The Dancing Beats! & efflorescence (FLAC)DL701 MiB2018870
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Ore Monogatari!! OP Single - Miraikei Answer (TRUSTRICK) (320K)DL58.3 MiB1030470
Lossy Audio[IEgg] OVA Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F OP & ED Single - Haiyore Once Nyagain/Kitto Engage (320K)DL33.5 MiB2118902
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Hibike! Euphonium ED Single - Tutti! (Kitauji Quartet) (320K+BK)DL77.4 MiB2027330
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] ED2 Single - ring your bell (Kalafina) (320K+BK)DL111.6 MiB2046641
Lossless Audio[BDMV][EAC][120530]「神のみぞ知るセカイ」中川かのん starring 東山奈央 1stコンサート2012 Ribbon Revolution [BD付] (2tak+png)DL47.1 GiBStatus unknown9630
Lossy AudioJKT48 -7th- Papan Penanda Isi HatiDL44.6 MiB104980
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150508] OVA「這いよれ!ニャル子さんF(Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F)」OP&EDテーマ「這いよれOnce Nyagain/きっとエンゲージ」(320K)DL34.7 MiB190158302
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [150508] OVA「這いよれ!ニャル子さんF(Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F)」OP&EDテーマ「這いよれOnce Nyagain/きっとエンゲージ」(ALAC+CUE)DL114.8 MiB4135830
Lossy Audio[KUUGA-RX] テレビヒーロー~エネルギー全開!〈男の子向け〉 [music only] (MP3) (320K) version 2DL197.4 MiB0016580
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「響け!ユーフォニアム(Hibike! Euphonium)」EDテーマ「トゥッティ!」/北宇治カルテット (320K+BK)DL79.9 MiB421281573
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「響け!ユーフォニアム(Hibike! Euphonium)」EDテーマ「トゥッティ!」/北宇治カルテット (FLAC+BK)DL180.5 MiB7064390
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]」ED2テーマ「ring your bell」/Kalafina [期間限定アニメ盤] (320K+BK)DL115.8 MiB331348797
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] TVアニメ「Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]」ED2テーマ「ring your bell」/Kalafina [期間限定アニメ盤] (FLAC+BK)DL172.5 MiB14173150
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS ANIMATION PROJECT 08 GOIN'!!! (320K+BK)DL93 MiB424281281
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [150513] THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS ANIMATION PROJECT 08 GOIN'!!! (FLAC+BK)DL215.5 MiB12156031
Lossless Audio[CG] Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future Music Collection [FLAC DVDISO]DL2.54 GiB208480
Lossless Audio[CG] Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream 2nd Op+3rd ED [FLAC DVDISO]DL1.15 GiB108530
Lossy Audio[AddisonReleaseGroup] Himegoto OP/ED (テーマ「とらぶるめーかー/めーきゃっぷ!) [MP3 320KBS]DL38 MiB1110940
Lossless Audio[AddisonReleaseGroup] Himegoto OP/ED (テーマ「とらぶるめーかー/めーきゃっぷ!) [FLAC]DL126.9 MiB107070
Lossy AudioDAISHI DANCE - The Ghibli Set 2DL133.3 MiB4017720
Lossy Audio[Raison] Ninja Slayer ED3 - Gekijou Shihainin no Theme(TV-Size)DL3.4 MiB106210
Lossless AudioJKT48 - Flying GetDL303.5 MiB0105810
Lossless AudioJKT48 - Musim Panas Sounds Good!DL131.3 MiB0105310
Lossless AudioJKT48 - Fortune Cookie In Love FLACDL150.5 MiB025380
Lossless Audionano.RIPE 七色眼鏡のヒミツ - Nanairo Megane no Himitsu (CD FLAC)DL469.5 MiB3015670
Lossless AudioRiviera ~The Promised Land~ Perfect Audio Collection PlusDL960 MiB10182460
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150423] PS4ソフト「新次元ゲイム ネプテューヌVII」Dream Edition DG-ROM (320K)DL514 MiB7156541
Lossless Audio[xa-n] Various Artists - Kanojo no Seiiki Maxi Single (FLAC) [w scans] [8E0A6504].zipDL126.2 MiB105520
Lossless AudioShakugan No Shana Music CollectionDL13.99 GiB1110411
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150505] TVアニメ「俺物語!!(Ore Monogatari!!)」OPテーマ「未来形Answer」/TRUSTRICK (320K)DL59 MiB221222711
Lossy Audio[얼티메이트] [150415] ノイタミナ(Noitamina) FAN BEST (320K)DL430 MiB260204541
Lossless Audio[얼티메이트] [150415] ノイタミナ(Noitamina) FAN BEST (3ALAC+cue+log)DL1.3 GiB6039930
Lossy Audio[ORAORAORAORA] JoJo Sono Chi no Kioku ~end of the WORLD~ (Jo Stars ~Tommy, Coda, Jin~) (MP3 320K)DL21.4 MiB10060790
Lossy Audio[ExSCNet] Biohazard Music Collection [320 Kbps]DL5.79 GiB2110480
Lossy Audio[150508] TVアニメ「FAIRY TAIL」OP18テーマ「BREAK OUT」/V6 (320K)DL35.1 MiB3058530
Lossy Audio吉幾三 - Dream.m4aDL2.8 MiB028650
Lossy AudioPIANO プレミアムファンディスク(ドラマCD、非売品)川澄綾子他DL36.3 MiB0018900
Lossy Audio[Sawano Hiroyuki] NHK TV Drama Mare Original Soundtrack [MP3/320K]DL180.1 MiB2118050
Lossless Audio[Sawano Hiroyuki] NHK TV Drama Mare Original Soundtrack [FLAC]DL465 MiB3012485
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Danna ga Nani o Itteiruka Wakaranai Ken 2 Theme Song - Yuruganu Futari ~Ai no Sanka~ (Kaoru & Hajime (CV.Tamura Yukari & Suzumura Kenichi) (320K)DL69.8 MiB1025820
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Kuroko no Basket 3 -Teikou Hen- ED Single - Ambivalence (SCREEN mode) (320K)DL30.9 MiB2118770
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Grisaia no Rakuen ED1 Single - Tasogare no Starlight (Nanjo Yoshino) (320K)DL41 MiB1124750
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Akatsuki no Yona ED2 Single - Akatsuki (Shikata Akiko) (320K)DL43.8 MiB0116960
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Sidonia no Kishi Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki OP Single - Kishi Koushinkyoku (angela) (320K)DL45.1 MiB5032610
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Triage X OP Single - triage (Saeko Zougou featuring Nagareda Project) (320K)DL50.9 MiB2021230
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu OP Single - Fure Fure Mirai (Kitakou Bungeibu Joshikai) (320K+BK)DL59.8 MiB2119150
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Kyoukai no RINNE OP & ED Single - Ouka Ranman & Tokinowa (KEYTALK & Passepied) (320K+BK)DL133.5 MiB2024040
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Gunslinger Stratos OP Single - vanilla sky (Ayano Mashiro) (320K)DL34.8 MiB1018330
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic OP & ED Single - Yumeiro Parade! & My Best Friends (Rhodanthe*) (320K)DL37.6 MiB1019620
Lossy Audio[IEgg] Nisekoi Best Song (320K)DL108.5 MiB1117630
Lossy Audio[IEgg] SHIROBAKO Original Sound Track Vol.02 (320K+BK)DL196.5 MiB1013920
Lossy Audio[IEgg] SHOW BY ROCK!! OP Single - Seishun wa Non-Stop! (Purazumajika) (320K+BK)DL67.7 MiB1020750
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