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Non-English-translated Live ActionCOMPLEX 20110730 [BD-rip 1920×1080 H.264 5.1ch]DL5.94 GiB0123540
Raw Live Action[DVDISO] Horie Yui 「堀江由衣」 - Clips 2 [KIBM_232] [~~W@LTER~~].isoDL5.93 GiB0131222
Non-English-translated Live ActionKenshin.mkvDL5.93 GiB012700
Non-English-translated Live Action[DVD-ISO] TokusatsuS.CoM.BR_Ultraman Saga ウルトラマンサーガ (2012) NTSC DVD9 - Eng/Por Custom SubsDL5.92 GiB047380
Non-English-translated Live ActionRobô Gigante - Legendado.DL5.92 GiB003670
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_[720p]DL5.91 GiB547471
English-translated Live Action[Watashi]_Yamada_and_the_Seven_Witches_[720p]DL5.91 GiB3029191
Raw Live Action(RAW) Tetsujin Tiger SevenDL5.91 GiB0417010
English-translated Live ActionST Scientific Task ForceDL5.9 GiB048110
Raw Live Actionラブライブ! 2nd Season vol.4 映像特典 「μ's →NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~ENDLESS PARADE~ Part2」 (BD 1920x1080 FLAC)DL5.9 GiB21129821
Raw Live Action[ITS-CLT] ゴッドタン スペシャル 芸人マジ歌選手権 (TX 2014-01-04 2330).tsDL5.89 GiB01012770
English-translated Live ActionGame Center CX - Season 14DL5.89 GiB7260751
Live Action Promotional VideoFILM - Mission Possible LiveDL5.89 GiB011460
Raw Live Action[CrazyJ] 2011 GSL Blizzard Cup - Award & Final 720p.x264.AC3-20111217DL5.88 GiB002430
Raw Live Action正晶限時批_壹電視新聞台HD_20150915_2000.tsDL5.88 GiB10960
English-translated Live Action[MCS]Kamen Rider Kuuga 13-49DL5.88 GiB018620
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Spec-Ops Cell Go-Busters - 01-24SDDL5.87 GiBStatus unknown33100
Raw Live Action[RawFemme] Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-8.24 - Part 1 [BD 720p Hi444PP AAC][900CFF22].mkvDL5.87 GiB1124131
English-translated Live Action[jdrama] My Girl [2009] [STORMY]DL5.87 GiB107310
Raw Live Action[Elitist_Fags]_Himitsu_-_2_[10-22_23-15-00]_(TV_ASAHI_1440x1080_MPEG2_TS)DL5.87 GiB002480
Raw Live Action3年B組金八先生 (3 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei) 第2シリーズ 「第14話 ~ 第25話」.aviDL5.86 GiBStatus unknown15950
Raw Live Action[Elitist_Fags]_Himitsu_-_4_[11-05_23-15-00]_(TV_ASAHI_1440x1080_MPEG2_TS)DL5.86 GiB001800
Raw Live ActionAKB48 Live @ Yoyogi Gymnasium (100818 NHK BS2 720x480).tsDL5.86 GiBStatus unknown13550
Live Action Promotional Videomiwa - miwa concert tour 2012 guitarium.720p.Bluray.x264-UAC.mkvDL5.85 GiB3121100
English-translated Live Action[T-N]Garo Chapter of the Black WolfDL5.84 GiB0114800
Non-English-translated Live ActionThermae Romae 2012 VOSTFR 1080p BluRay x264-UF.mp4DL5.84 GiB1040380
Raw Live Action[Tv-Japan] Kamen Rider Kabuto - 01-10 (CS 1280x720 x264 De-Logo).mp4DL5.84 GiB0114004
English-translated Live ActionZombie Ass Toilet of the Dead [2011] 1080p BluRay [DHD]DL5.84 GiB0315581
Raw Live ActionBara no Jyujika (2002) RAWDL5.84 GiB016704
Non-English-translated Live ActionOfficer Geomancer - 八卦神探DL5.84 GiB003003
Raw Live Action[jdrama] Neko Zamurai (2013) 720p-NGB (Complete)DL5.83 GiB7524121
English-translated Live Action[NOP] Ultraman 80 (1980) [1-50 Complete] [480p]DL5.82 GiB2619216
Non-English-translated Live Action(ISO) AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2009 Disc 1DL5.82 GiB1127410
English-translated Live Action[DVDISO][EAC] 茅原実里/Minori Chihara Msessage 01 (ape+cue+iso+mds+jpg)DL5.82 GiBStatus unknown57240
Raw Live ActionHappy Music (2012.07.06 - 2012.07.28) ハッピーMusicDL5.82 GiBStatus unknown17300
Raw Live ActionNew Year Love Live! 2013 [BDRip 720p x264 FLAC]DL5.81 GiB7164691
Raw Live ActionBattle Fever JDL5.81 GiBStatus unknown30110
Raw Live Action○○妻 #7(1080i MPEG2-AC3).m2tsDL5.81 GiB0221420
Raw Live ActionKamen Rider Decade 仮面ライダーディケイド(2009) NTSC DVD9 - Vol 2, Custom Por subs onlyDL5.81 GiBStatus unknown30520
Raw Live Action[Akihabara48fans] AKB48 in a-nation 2011 Disc 2.isoDL5.81 GiB1138190
Raw Live Action[JDrama] Tiger.Dragon.Complete.DVDrip.x264.AC3-YYeTsDL5.8 GiB3410641
English-translated Live Action[Koten_Gars] Rurouni Kenshin - The Legend Ends (2014) [BD][h.265][804p][FLAC] (English Subbed)DL5.79 GiB3113321
Live Action Promotional VideoL'Arc~en~Ciel - SHIBUYA 7 DAYS (DVD)DL5.79 GiBStatus unknown18520
English-translated Live ActionWitch Yoo Hee(Arabic) [KDrama]DL5.78 GiB011290
English-translated Live Action[NOP] Dream High [1-16 Complete] [480p]DL5.78 GiB213780
Raw Live Action[Elitist_Fags]_Himitsu_-_5_[11-12_23-15-00]_(TV_ASAHI_1440x1080_MPEG2_TS)DL5.78 GiB001590
Live Action Promotional Video[Subara]Animax Musix 2013 [Digest] (BS-Sky 1280x720 Hi10p AAC) [A121B693].mkvDL5.78 GiB0122810
Live Action Promotional Video[Elitist_Fags]_Wednesday_J-POP__11-18_17-00-00_(NHK_BShi_1920x1080_MPEG2_TS)DL5.78 GiB012130
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger - SDDL5.77 GiB3010000
Live Action Promotional Video[Elitist_Fags]_Wednesday_J-POP__11-11_17-00-00_(NHK_BShi_1920x1080_MPEG2_TS)DL5.77 GiB006330
Live Action Promotional Video[Elitist_Fags]_Wednesday_J-POP__10-21_17-00-00_(NHK_BShi_1920x1080_MPEG2_TS)DL5.77 GiB011990
Raw Live Action[OGC-Raws] ジャンボーグA Vol.1-6 (DVD 640x480 x264 AAC)DL5.77 GiB0115680
Raw Live ActionHatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2014 in Osaka [60FPS] [720p x264 10bit 2.0+5.1 AAC BDRip] [kuchikirukia]DL5.77 GiB3112316
Live Action Promotional Video[Elitist_Fags]_Wednesday_J-POP__09-30_17-00-00_(NHK_BShi_1920x1080_MPEG2_TS)DL5.77 GiB011580
Raw Live ActionDOCTORS (ドクターズ) 〜最強の名医〜 「全13話」.mp4DL5.77 GiB0321671
Live Action Promotional Video[Elitist_Fags]_Wednesday_J-POP__10-14_17-00-00_(NHK_BShi_1920x1080_MPEG2_TS)DL5.77 GiB011510
Live Action Promotional Video[Elitist_Fags]_Wednesday_J-POP__10-07_17-00-00_(NHK_BShi_1920x1080_MPEG2_TS)DL5.77 GiB011530
English-translated Live ActionMomoiro Clover Z - Momoclo Haru no Ichidaiji 2012 ~Miwataseba Dai Panorama Jigoku~ (720p AAC)DL5.75 GiB226530
Raw Live Actionあぶない刑事(Abunai Deka) 「第32話 - 第43話、第48話 - 第51話」DL5.75 GiB1215050
Raw Live Action[jdrama] Akuryo Byoto (2013) 720p-NGB (Complete)DL5.75 GiB4221810
English-translated Live ActionTokujo Kabachi!! 01-10 (1280x720) [STORMY team sub] batchDL5.75 GiB1024540
Live Action Promotional VideoDOCUMENTARY of AKB48 Show must go on 少女たちは傷つきながら、夢を見る こっちが本物.wmvDL5.74 GiB0158520
Live Action Promotional VideoDOCUMENTARY of AKB48 Show must go on 少女たちは傷つきながら、夢を見る.wmvDL5.74 GiB0144580
Non-English-translated Live ActionHaKaTa Hyakkaten ep01-12finalDL5.73 GiB3011130
English-translated Live ActionStand Up 1-11 + SpecialDL5.73 GiB0119403
Raw Live ActionKamen Rider Decade 仮面ライダーディケイド(2009) NTSC DVD9 - Vol 3, Custom Por subs onlyDL5.73 GiB0126740
Raw Live Action〇〇妻 (6) (1080i MPEG2-AC3).m2tsDL5.73 GiB0124540
Raw Live Actionyuki_kajiura_live_2013.02.20_[h264.flac][1080p].mkvDL5.73 GiB6159071
English-translated Live Action[Koten_Gars] Rurouni Kenshin - Kyoto Inferno (2014) [BD][h.265][804p][FLAC] (English Subbed)DL5.71 GiB1110310
Raw Live Action[TV] Cyril Takayama Magic Specials [TV/DVD RIP/AVI]DL5.71 GiB0111150
Raw Live Action竹達彩奈イメージBlu-ray 「あやち ~オーストラリアの旅~」[BDRip][1080P][Hi10P]DL5.71 GiBStatus unknown118880
Raw Live Action[RawFemme] Animelo Summer Live 2013 -FLAG NINE-8.24 - Part 2 [BD 720p Hi444PP AAC][F4B8125B].mkvDL5.71 GiB0024610
Raw Live ActionAkashiya TV 2011-07DL5.7 GiB001370
Raw Live ActionGundam_The_First_in Nagoya_Three_Days_Of_Legend(DVD,x264,ac3)-_~WindMoEDL5.7 GiB0013920
English-translated Live Action[SkewedS-TimeLesSub] ROOKIES 1-11 + Special + Theme Song PVDL5.69 GiB2257772
Raw Live Actionルーキーズ (ROOKIES) 「全11話+SP」DL5.69 GiB2026441
Raw Live ActionRyoma Den ep14-26 Season 2 (720x480 x264)DL5.69 GiB0568840
Raw Live Action[SDark] SCANDAL - OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 Wonderful Tonight [M-ON! HD] (LIVE 2013.03.03) (HDTVrip 1280x720 AAC)DL5.68 GiB3388020
English-translated Live ActionHatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2013 [60FPS][720p x264 10bit BDRip][2.0 + 5.1 AAC][Doremi subs][kuchikirukia]V4.mkvDL5.68 GiB305730
Raw Live Action[DHR-Raws] やなぎなぎ 2nd Album「ポリオミノ」[BDRip][1080P][AVC_P10_FLAC]DL5.67 GiBStatus unknown59761
Raw Live Action[Apple&Kuno][RAW][ガリレオXXダブルエックス 内海薫最後の事件 愚弄ぶ(GalileoXX SP)]BD本編(BDRIP 1920x1080 X264 FLAC)DL5.67 GiB3226291
Raw Live ActionLisAni! LIVE-4 Day2 (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AAC).trpDL5.67 GiB0021960
Raw Live ActionSuzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou [BDRIP][720p][FLAC] By Akiyama-san.mkvDL5.67 GiB0011628
Non-English-translated Live ActionGreat Teacher Onizuka [GTO] (2012)DL5.66 GiB0036995
Raw Live ActionGreat Teacher Onizuka (2012) - Complete SeriesDL5.66 GiB01234141
Raw Live Action[NOP] Let's Eat (Season 2) [1-18 Complete] [Clean Screen] [Raw] [480p] (English subtitles included in batch)DL5.65 GiB303441
Raw Live Action[JDrama] Boku No Tsuma To Kekkon Shite Kudasai Complete 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoADL5.65 GiB427811
Raw Live ActionTantei! Knight Scoop 2015 April-MayDL5.65 GiB0113993
English-translated Live ActionGame Center CX - Season 11DL5.65 GiB2144960
English-translated Live Action[Over-Time] Express Sentai ToQGer - 01-24SDDL5.65 GiB016170
Raw Live ActionZai Sheng Yuan All Eps RAW Another Lifetime of FateDL5.64 GiB101930
English-translated Live Action1 Litre Of TearsDL5.64 GiB1225622
Raw Live ActionKamen Rider Decade 仮面ライダーディケイド(2009) NTSC DVD9 - Vol 4, Custom Por subs onlyDL5.64 GiBStatus unknown10470
Raw Live Action[YYDM-11FANS][fripSide_infinite_synthesis_2][BDRIP][1080P][X264_FLAC][MKV]DL5.64 GiBStatus unknown183780
English-translated Live Actionshiawase ni naritai!DL5.64 GiBStatus unknown2330
Non-English-translated Live Action[PT-BR] TokusatsuS.CoM.BR_Gekisou Sentai Carranger EP 01_29DL5.63 GiB119120
English-translated Live ActionHeroes Of Cosplay SEASON 1 FULLDL5.63 GiB008760
Non-English-translated Live ActionJojoveller Disc 2DL5.63 GiB009931
Non-English-translated Live Action(DVDRIP) AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2012 Unit MatsuriDL5.63 GiB1041240
Raw Live ActionNHK 奇跡の庭 京都・苔寺(1080i MPEG2-AAC).mkvDL5.63 GiB0517831
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