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Raw Anime[Alex-Kpek] Spice and Wolf - 03 RAW [HQ h264 AAC].mp4DL245.2 MiB001970
Raw Anime[TV-JAPAN][RAW] D.Gray-man 68 [1280x720 h264+AAC D-TX]DL203.2 MiB004900
English-translated Anime[UNKO-G] TEXHNOLYZEDL4.82 GiB0043000
English-translated Anime[UNKO-G] 魁!!クロマティ高校DL2.78 GiB0061410
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Great Mazinger - Ep 40 []DL259.5 MiBStatus unknown9790
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Great Mazinger - Ep 41 []DL200.5 MiBStatus unknown9790
Non-English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP JAP HardSub-ITA] Amaenaideyo - Ep 04 []DL206.3 MiBStatus unknown1840
Raw Anime[DVD5 JAP-ITA] Shinzou Ningen Casshan - Kyashan il ragazzo androide DVD 4/7 []DL4.1 GiBStatus unknown4480
Non-English-translated Anime[TV-Rip ITA] City Hunter – S2 Ep 55-63 []DL1.92 GiBStatus unknown4180
Non-English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP JAP HardSub-ITA] Gravitation Ep 04-06[]DL440.5 MiBStatus unknown1600
Raw Anime[DVD-RIP ITA-JAP] Patlabor - Tv Series - Ep 25-32 []DL2.57 GiBStatus unknown7270
English-translated Anime[SAT-RIP ITA] Black Lagoon - Ep 09 []DL220.2 MiBStatus unknown11010
English-translated Anime[HDTV Jap Sub-Ita] Doujin Work - Ep 11-12 [MDW Fansub][]DL341 MiBStatus unknown1160
Non-English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP JAP HardSub-ITA] Zone Of The Enders - Dolores I - Ep 09-12[]DL929 MiBStatus unknown2660
English-translated LiteratureDeadman Wonderland chapter 07 V2[S^3]DL12.4 MiB008840
English-translated Anime[PhF] D.gray man 67 [Español]DL171.5 MiB00970
English-translated Anime[RF] Bakuretsu Tenshi - Infinity - OAV DVD-RipDL284.5 MiBStatus unknown3280
English-translated AnimeGolden boy(2) uploaded by parramanDL134 MiB002000
English-translated Literature[Franky House] Claymore 77DL9.9 MiB1039030
English-translated LiteratureInuyasha v55 ch540 [Freelance].zipDL4.7 MiB0015010
Lossless Audio[EAC][080125][アルバム] DJCD マリア様がみてる ~Winter Special 2007~ (ape+cue+jpg)DL345.7 MiBStatus unknown32760
English-translated Anime[WLGO]《Code Geass》DVDRIP VOL.6 [AVI BIG5/CN SSA SUB]DL1.27 GiB0084050
English-translated Anime[ittaku-subs]Yatterman_Episode_02_704x396[794e8cbe].aviDL209.9 MiB0017980
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Fairy Tail 73(lq)DL54.4 MiB005410
English-translated LiteratureBusou Renkin 035 by Franky House & Mahou-XDL3.5 MiB004480
Raw Anime[raw][08.02.06~08.02.07]DL543.7 MiBStatus unknown99440
English-translated Anime[zomg] Bleach 159DL152 MiBStatus unknown1070
Non-English-translated Animebleach 159 arabic sub (an-island)DL184.7 MiBStatus unknown1000
Non-English-translated Anime[HFS]Dragonaut the Resonance Ep 09 Determinacion - A traves de la tempestad - (XviD Mp3 Sub Esp )DL173.7 MiBStatus unknown990
Non-English-translated Anime[DM] Bleach - Episode 159 VOSTFRDL177 MiBStatus unknown8170
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Rosario to Vampire - 04 RAW (D-TVO x264 1440x1080 AAC vfr[ED60fps] 16:9)DL506.5 MiB007510
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] Rosario to Vampire - 05 RAW (D-TVO x264 1440x1080 AAC vfr[ED60fps] 16:9)DL603 MiB0010070
Raw Anime[Gintoki-RAWS]GinTama 92 RAW (D-TX XviD1.1.2 640x480 120fps)DL165 MiBStatus unknown26070
English-translated Anime[PhF] D.gray man 68 [Español]DL178 MiB00950
GamesGunslinger Girl I + II+ IIIDL990 MiB006400
English-translated Literature[Franky House] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 182DL5.9 MiB009780
English-translated Anime[DVDISO] Kino no Tabi (2007-movie 2) [R2][SUB+EN,GB,BIG5][BBS.VAXVA.COM]DL1.72 GiBStatus unknown1971
Raw AnimeH2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ 06 RAW (D-TVS DivX6.6 704x396 120fps).aviDL188 MiB0036320
Lossless AudioX-Japan FLAC AlbumsDL5.03 GiBStatus unknown76250
Non-English-translated Anime[Shiawase-Anx] Dragonaut -The Resonance- 16HDTVDL175.3 MiB004110
Non-English-translated Anime[Shiawase-Anx] Dragonaut -The Resonance- 17HDTVDL175 MiB005190
Raw Anime[Kotoba] Spice and Wolf - 05 RAW - (704x400 x264) [3C6C9DC3].mkvDL206.3 MiB009030
English-translated Anime[BleachFan.Org]Bleach.159.HQ.SUB.ITADL205 MiB001080
English-translated Anime[WHS]CLANNAD 14DL279.7 MiB001870
Raw Anime[DVD-RIP JAP-ITA] From I''s - Ep 2/2 []DL814.5 MiBStatus unknown10690
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Akakichi no Eleven - Ep 01-10 []DL3.54 GiBStatus unknown8240
Non-English-translated Anime[TV-RIP ITA] Candy Candy – Pack 06/10 - Ep 51-60 []DL1.7 GiBStatus unknown8360
English-translated Anime[VHS-RIP-ITA] Macross Plus - Ep 1/4 []DL403 MiBStatus unknown3450
Raw Anime[moyism] CLANNAD - 17 (RAW)DL251.5 MiB0052280
English-translated Anime[VHS-RIP-ITA] Macross Plus - Ep 2/4 []DL399.5 MiBStatus unknown3070
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] Rosario + Vampire 06 (D-MXTV DivX6.6 704x396 120fps[ED60]).aviDL270 MiB0025400
Raw Anime[Zero-Raws] H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ 06 (D-TVS DivX6.6 704x396 120fps).aviDL188 MiB0032920
English-translated Anime[AKH-SWE] Naruto Shippuuden 46 (H.264, AAC)DL184.5 MiB002270
English-translated AnimeNaruto Shippuuden 46DL174.8 MiB002320
Raw Anime[RyuKo] Naruto Shippuuden - 46 RAW [D19ACEC7].aviDL176 MiB0013141
English-translated Animezx.Char's_CounterAttackDL1.36 GiB002070
Raw Anime[DVD5 ITA-JAP] Excel Saga - DVD 1/5 - CCE x6 []DL4.37 GiBStatus unknown5930
Raw Anime[raw][08.02.07~08.02.08]DL1.19 GiBStatus unknown18070
Raw Anime)灼眼のシャナⅡ 第17話 「それぞれの道」 (D-MBS_1280x720 24fps DivX6.7).aviDL261 MiB004220
Raw Anime[RAW] CLANNAD 15 (BS-i DivX6.6 1280x720).avi.DL340 MiB0041830
Lossy AudioGIORGIA LIVE IN ROME 2008[]DL901 MiBStatus unknown22010
English-translated Anime[Shinsen-Subs]_D.Gray-man_-_69_[D9A8BBD7].aviDL177 MiB001350
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Naruto 388(chn)DL2.6 MiB0016380
English-translated Anime[SAT-RIP ITA] Sousei no Aquarion - Ep 04 []DL253.7 MiBStatus unknown3260
Non-English-translated Anime[HDTV JAP HardSub-ITA] Dragonaut - The Resonance - Ep 07 [MDW Fansub][]DL300.5 MiBStatus unknown1550
Non-English-translated Anime[HDTV JAP HardSub-ITA] Dragonaut - The Resonance - Ep 08 [MDW Fansub][]DL300.3 MiBStatus unknown1750
Non-English-translated Anime[HDTV JAP HardSub-ITA] Dragonaut - The Resonance - Ep 09 [MDW Fansub][]DL300.3 MiBStatus unknown2190
ApplicationsMiku & Rin & LenDL1.24 GiB00212070
Raw Anime[DVD9 ITA-JAP] MAZINKAISER - DVD 1/2 []DL6.9 GiBStatus unknown7230
English-translated Anime[DVD5 ITA] Capitan Harlock Season 1 DVD 3/6 []DL4.36 GiBStatus unknown3320
English-translated Anime[DVD5 ITA] Capitan Harlock Season 1 DVD 4/6 []DL4.36 GiBStatus unknown3220
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Great Mazinger - Ep 42 []DL232.5 MiBStatus unknown6930
Lossless Audio[EAC] アイドルマスター XENOGLOSSIA Best COLLECTION (080206)(tta+cue+jpg)DL486.2 MiBStatus unknown27280
English-translated Anime[RF] Terra e... 16-17-18 [DVD_SUB_ITA_x264+AAC]DL476 MiBStatus unknown951
Raw AnimeHatenkou Yuugi 06 RAW (D-KBS_704x396 24fps DivX6.7).aviDL206 MiB002280
Raw Anime[RAW JAP SoftSub-ITA] Naruto Shippuuden - Ep 45 []DL216.5 MiBStatus unknown9730
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] GTO - Ep 05 []DL319.7 MiBStatus unknown3660
Raw AnimePorfy no nagai tabi 05DL502 MiB005650
English-translated Anime[VHS-RIP-ITA] Macross Plus - Ep 3/4 []DL418.5 MiBStatus unknown2900
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman - Ep 14-26 []DL3.09 GiBStatus unknown5670
Non-English-translated Anime[Nekotachi] Clannad - 17DL167 MiB003450
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Ghost In The Shell - SAC - Ep 19-26 []DL2.66 GiBStatus unknown5310
Raw Anime[DVD5 JAP-ITA] Full Metal Alchemist - Deluxe Edition DVD 2/12 []DL4.36 GiBStatus unknown5910
Raw Anime[DVD5 ITA-JAP] Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd GIG DVD 2/6 []DL4.35 GiBStatus unknown9190
Raw Anime[DVD5 JAP-ITA] Gankutsuou - Il Conte di Montecristo DVD 02/12 []DL3.54 GiBStatus unknown4080
English-translated Anime[DVD-RIP ITA] Excel Saga - Ep 11-12 []DL651 MiBStatus unknown3020
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] School Rumble 260(chn)DL3.6 MiB003720
Raw Anime[DVD5 ITA-JAP] Appleseed (2004) []DL4.34 GiBStatus unknown13220
Raw Literature[Raw-Manga] Prince of Tennis 376(lq)DL17 MiB007810
Raw Anime[DVD5 ITA-JAP] I Cieli Di Escaflowne [The Vision Of Escaflowne] - Dvd 3/5 []DL4.31 GiBStatus unknown4160
Lossless Audio[EAC] THE IDOLM@STER MASTER BOX1&2 ENCORE (5tta+cue)DL2.67 GiBStatus unknown85300
English-translated Anime[MNnF] Naruto Shippuuden 46 aviDL168 MiBStatus unknown1260
English-translated LiteratureSpike Hills Vol 1 Ch 5-6[HYDE-Ltd]DL17.1 MiB007240
English-translated Anime[SS-Eclipse] Clannad - 17 (XviD) [6CE01253] aviDL170.2 MiBStatus unknown1010
English-translated Anime[SAT-RIP ITA] Black Lagoon - Ep 10 []DL197.6 MiBStatus unknown13810
Raw Anime[raw][08.02.08~08.02.09]DL1.48 GiB0019490
Raw Anime[DVD5 JAP-ITA] Shinzou Ningen Casshan - Kyashan il ragazzo androide DVD 5/7 []DL4.1 GiBStatus unknown5020
English-translated AnimeSaint Seiya 001-005DL1.01 GiB001380
Raw Anime[TV-Japan] GHOST HOUND - 14 RAW (D-WOWOW x264 1280x720 AAC 5.1ch vfr[ED60fps])DL342 MiB0012020
English-translated LiteratureEyeshield21_268_[FH]DL6.2 MiB004800
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